Our Teachers


Our teachers were trained to teach Hebrew as a second language in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and continuously participating in tutorials and seminars during their work at the Ulpan.

Dana Spektor

Born in Israel, Dana has first degree in the Origins of Theatre and Hebrew Literature, Masters degree in Hebrew Literature, Masters studies in Hebrew language. Qualified to teach Hebrew literature at High school level.


Dana has been teaching Hebrew as a second language since 1995, at the Hebrew University and Milah.

Dana says: "My aim is to teach Hebrew as an integral part of Israeli culture, and to teach it with happiness".

Bosmat Kahana

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Hani Efrati

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Miriam Nachum

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Shlomit Lourie

Shlomit was born in Safed, in the North of Israel, but lives in Jerusalem since childhood. She has a B.A. in International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Masters degree in The Study of the Hebrew Language from Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva. She has a Hebrew teacher's certificate from the Hebrew University.


Shlomit believes that learning Hebrew should be a fun and cultural experience, and thinks that teaching and studying Hebrew in Jerusalem is a great privilege.    

Nofit Zecharia

Nofit was born in Jerusalem. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and Communication and an M.A. in Cognitive Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. After many years of working as a computer programmer, she changed her career to teaching (remedial teaching and Hebrew as a Second Language).


Nofit says: "language is a window – to direct communication, to culture, to a new place. Teaching in the Ulpan gives me the privilege of opening  that window for the students, and giving them another tool with which to experience Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular. Thank you". 

Lital Vaknin

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Ronit Levinsky

Ronit is a graduate of the Hebrew Language Department at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a certified editor and Hebrew teacher. She has taught extensively in various Ulpans; taught university students, adults assimilating to the country, and youths. She has prepared students for Bagrut (matriculation exam) in Language and worked as a linguistic editor.


Says Ronit: A new language is an opening to a new culture, new acquaintances and a richer life. I too, as a teacher, have a sense of renewal and immense satisfaction with every new class I accompany and advance.

Shelley Shloush

Born in Israel, Shelley has first degree in English and Education, Masters in English, teaching certificate in English. and Masters in Hebrew Language.

Shelley has been teaching Hebrew as a second language since 1991, in the Hebrew University, Melton Institute, Pardes Institute, David Yellin College, the Theological Institute and at Milah.

Shelley says: "I think teaching can be very fulfilling. I try to remember that each class is a first time experience for the student sitting opposite me, and I strive as a teacher to approach it as if it's the first time, with patience and

Dina Yefremov

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Mor Naveh

Mor was born in Kiryat Bialik (Haifa). A certified Hebrew teacher, she holds a B.A. in Art History and Philosophy, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Art History at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


Says Mor:  "I believe a language class should be a place where each student feels comfortable,  a place of infinite patience, a variety of teaching methods and mostly –a lot of laughter and humor.

Matan Nahalony

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Eli Binyamin

Eli has a B.A in Psychology and literature from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and currently pursuing his Masters degree in Structural Linguistics. He has a Hebrew teacher's certificate from the Hebrew University.


Eli says: "Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself. (Chinese Proverb) Learning Hebrew in Jerusalem is an experience like no other. I aspire to create an open and respectful atmosphere  in the classroom in order to promote active and meaningful learning. And a little fun won't hurt either."

Noa Oren

Noa has a BA in structural linguistics and a Hebrew teacher's diploma from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She has been teaching in ulpanim in Jerusalem for two years. A kibbutznik at heart, Noa loves to meet and teach people from all around the world.

Pnina Ben-Uliel

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Michal Bigman

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